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How to Choose a Supermarket Dehumidification? Maintenance Skills of Supermarket Dehumidification

Dehumidification, as soon as you hear the name, is a machine used to reduce indoor air humidity. When shopping in supermarkets, people stay in closed rooms for a long time. From this point of view, indoor humidity will have a great impact on people's health. Therefore, supermarket dehumidification is particularly important. Below is a brief introduction to the supermarket dehumidification purchase and maintenance skills.

How to Choose Supermarket Dehumidification?

1. Choosing Brand dehumidification is generally used as durable consumer goods. Consumers need manufacturer to provide after-sales service to inspect, repair or replace spare parts in case of failure during use. The manufacturer of well-known brand dehumidification has a complete set of quality management system, with good product quality assurance ability, and its products have certain guarantee in performance and safety. Consumers can also go to large-scale home appliances stores to buy products, which can provide long-term, excellent after-sales service.

2. Type determination There are two types of dehumidification: iron shell and plastic steel shell. The dehumidification with iron shell has the advantage of low price, but it also has the disadvantage of high noise, small applicable environment area and less beautiful installation. Plastic steel will dehumidification all plasticized steel, can reduce the noise of indoor environment, beautiful installation. In addition, the applicable environment area is large, and there are various styles and models to choose.

3. Ability determination  When choosing dehumidification products, the capacity of choosing dehumidification is generally calculated according to the refrigeration capacity of 20W per square metre of housing area. Usually, a room of about 10 square meters can adopt 250W full plastic steel dehumidification with refrigeration capacity, and a floor dehumidification with refrigeration capacity of more than 500 W should be used in a living room or room of more than 30 square meters. But when choosing and purchasing, consumers should also consider the actual situation of using space, such as space pattern, openness, intensity of solar irradiation, ventilation, number of personnel, etc. If connected with other places, or the space with strong solar irradiation, they should choose and purchase dehumidifications with large refrigeration capacity.

2. How to Maintain Supermarket dehumidification

1. Correctly adjust the set humidity of the dehumidification When the user adjusts the setting humidity of the dehumidification, he should set the humidity according to his own feeling of humidity, the number of people in the space and the size of the space. Usually under the condition of less activity such as rest and sleep, the relative humidity of the room is about 60% RH, and the human body will feel more comfortable. The humidity setting is too low, besides making people feel dry, because the humidity difference between indoor and outdoor is large and the humidity expands quickly. The compressor is frequently turned on and off, which shortens the service life of the dehumidification and consumes more energy.

2. Clean the dehumidification regularly Regular removal of the filter screen of the dehumidification for cleaning can effectively improve the dedusting effect of the dehumidification and improve the environmental air quality. Regular cleaning of heat sinks of outdoor machines can effectively improve their heat transfer coefficient and efficiency, and improve the working efficiency of dehumidifications.

3. Regular inspection of dehumidifications by professionals After long-term use of the dehumidification, the electrical circuit and control components in the unit will be aging to varying degrees, which will cause serious damage to the unit and human body. Regular professional personnel should check the circuit of the dehumidification, replace the aging components and supplement refrigerants, which can prevent the damage of aging components to the machine and human body, and keep the dehumidification in good working condition.

4. Protective measures should be taken when dehumidifications are not used for a long time. When the dehumidification is not used for a long time, such as in winter or going out, the protective cover is applied to the dehumidification to avoid sunshine, rain and dust deposition, which makes it difficult to clean and maintain in the future.

For you to introduce the supermarket dehumidification selection skills and maintenance methods, I hope that the supermarket dehumidification can be used as a reference. Supermarket dehumidification is a very important tool for humidity regulation in public places. We hope that the supermarket dehumidification can make the best use of its goods and get more value for money.

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