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How to Choose Agricultural Humidifiers

Introduction of Agricultural Humidifier

Agricultural humidifier is a humidifier with strong atomization effect produced in Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. It is easier to be absorbed by edible fungi, thus greatly improving the color and quality of edible fungi. Later budding and the size of mushrooms is more uniform.

According to the customer's response, the use of agricultural humidifiers can improve the production and quality of mushrooms.

Compared with other types of humidifier, agricultural humidifier has the following characteristics:

1.It has high humidification efficiency: It has intelligent control, accurate humidity control module core and replaceable chip;
2. It is flexible and easy to install: There are many ways to install the equipment, which can be moved, wall mounted or sitting installed. It is suitable for a variety of use environments.
3. It can filter dust, remove dust and sterilize: Soft water device can be selected for different water quality to meet the requirements of non-calcified dust pollution.
4. It has specialized sterilization technology, strong effect of algae removal and sterilization.
5. It can improve the indoor environment: When the machine works, it can not only humidify and fallen dust, keep the environment in the required humidity range, but also produce high concentration of negative oxygen ions. Because of the negative oxygen ions, the working efficiency of employees working in this environment will increase significantly.
6. It has stainless steel body, which is clean and reliable: the whole machine is made of stainless steel box, which has no water rust and long service life. Equipped with standard water supply, drainage switch, overflow, etc., it can automatically and manually water.

What are the skills of selecting and purchasing agricultural humidifiers? Here's a brief introduction:

1. Choose according to function:
How to choose a suitable agricultural humidifier should be based on personal situations, including environmental conditions, procurement budget and so on.
2. Choose according to the housing area:
When using humidifiers, too dry or too wet is not good. Only scientific humidification can better care for health. So housing area is a factor that needs to be considered before buying. For example, a humidifier with a humidifying capacity of 270 ml/h is suitable for a room of 20 square meters, and a product with a humidifying capacity of 540 ml/h should be selected for a room of 40 or 50 square meters.
3. Choose according to the brand:
Now there are many manufacturers producing humidifiers, but only a few really stand. So it is very important to choose a reliable brand at this time. If you search on the internet, you can find that there are numerous brands of agricultural humidifiers in the current market, and the prices are from hundreds to thousands of yuan. Most of the humidifiers with hundreds of yuan are produced in small factories. They only have humidifying functions but no other functions such as sterilization and no guarantee in after-sales service. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy them.

Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. is a professional humidifier and equipment accessories production and sales service enterprise which integrates spare parts supply, equipment production, technical consultation and maintenance. The company has thousands of square meters of spare parts supply warehouse and maintenance workshop, with a strong strength of humidifier accessories and equipment production and sales service providers.

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