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How to get a proper dehumidifier?

At present, the main producers of dehumidifiers are concentrated in Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places. China's position in the global market of dehumidifiers is also increasingly significant. Especially household dehumidifiers, which were mainly exported, have been gradually recognized by consumers with the continuous improvement of domestic living standards and the enhancement of health awareness.

Methods to get dehumidifiers?

1. Determine the type of purchase

The dehumidifier is mainly composed of compressor, heat exchanger, fan, water holder, case and controller. It is generally divided into general type, cooling type, temperature regulating type and multi-function type. Consumers should get dehumidifiers according to the actual situation and application field.

2. The amount of dehumidification should be matched

Getting dehumidifier model, power size need to take into account your need for wet room area, according to the design of the room to buy a flexible dehumidifier. When choosing the type of dehumidifier in the shop, you may hear a lot about "liter/day". "Lift/day" refers to the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier.

3. On-site Experience Consciousness

Many manufacturers have prototype demonstrations in their purchases, which allows you to observe the appearance of the product. You can observe whether the evaporator condensate is in good condition and smooth, whether the evaporator condensate is arranged neatly, whether it is loose, whether it is inverted, and so on, and then confirm its quality. For businesses that do not provide on-site demonstrations, consumers should boldly put forward on-site experience requirements.

4. After-sales Service Guarantee

According to the relevant provisions, consumers have the right to receive due services and commitments. Usually, within one week from the date of sale, for example, when a performance failure occurs, consumers can choose to return, exchange or repair the product; if a performance failure occurs within 15 days from the date of sale, consumers may choose to replace or repair the product.

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