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How to Reasonably Place and Use Industrial Humidifier

With the rapid development of industry and commerce, humidifier has been applied more and more. Because of the limited space, all kinds of electrical appliances will be placed more closely, so there will be many problems. So how to place and use the industrial humidifier reasonably?

The humidifier for industrial use should be kept at intervals with other electrical appliances. The humidity emitted by the humidifier for industrial use will affect other electrical appliances, so we should keep the interval in operation. In addition, the humidifier for industrial use should not be near the wall, so the fog of the humidifier for industrial use simply leaves white marks on the wall.

The humidifier for industrial use

Accurate water filling: When using humidifier for industrial use, do not touch the water surface with your hands, nor use empty tanks. When moving, water in the tanks should be discharged, and not inverted. In addition, many humidifier for industrial use add water after evaporation, and the nozzle is below, so do not add water in the case of industrial humidifier operation to prevent damage to the humidifier for industrial use due to improper operation.

Pay attention to cleaning: humidifier for industrial use should change water every day, so we should use a week and clean. And using the water for a long time will make the water become humid, entering into the air, which will cause secondary pollution, and the damage to health. During cleaning, when we use soft brush; flume and sensor are wiped with soft cloth; water tank can be washed and swayed two or three times after filling water.

Suitable humidity: When using humidifier for industrial use, room humidity should be well controlled. Healthy humidity environment is 45% to 65%. Under such humidity conditions, the human body feels most comfortable and various pathogens are not easy to convey. Excessive humidity can cause discomfort in the respiratory system and mucosa of the human body, while too low humidity can present such phenomena as dry nasal cavity, skin molting and so on. Therefore, if there is no active constant temperature function in the use of humidifier for industrial use, you can also buy a humidity meter by yourself and stop humidification after reaching a moderate humidity.

Clean with water: To prevent the direct pouring of tap water into the water tank, the exact way is to boil water, cool it and then pour it into the water tank, so that it not only kills bacteria in the water, but also volatilizes chlorine gas. When conditions permit, the pure water can be boiled and get the best effect after being cooled.

Air cleanliness: In order to make the air clean, we must first insist on indoor cleaning to prevent pollution sources. Of course, the best use of industrial humidifier with purification function is to filter harmful particles and dust in the air, so as to achieve the dual effect of air purification and humidification.

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