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How to Use Dehumidifier Properly in Hospital?

Before the dehumidifier runs, the doors and windows should be closed to avoid damp air entering the room and affecting the dehumidification effect. If there is no need in use, also try to reduce the number of doors and windows open and close. The dehumidifier is easy to leak refrigerant because it is often moved. If the compressor is running, but the temperature of the outlet air is the same as that of the return air, it should stop using and be repaired as soon as possible to avoid wasting energy.
All departments, wards, pharmacies and supply rooms in major hospitals in the country need to control environmental humidity within a reasonable range, which has a good help for the work of medical staff and the health recovery of patients. Therefore, the humidity control of these medical environments is a very important work for every hospital.

In the radiology department, CT room, X-ray room, B-mode ultrasonography and nuclear magnetic resonance room of the hospital, there are some precise instruments and equipment, which require high humidity of the indoor environment. If the humidity is too high, it will inevitably affect the normal operation and accuracy of these precision instruments and equipment. If it is not controlled for a long time, oxidation and rust may occur, which will affect their normal service life. Therefore, in these departments of the hospital, it is necessary to hospital dehumidification to control its humidity.

In addition, the requirement of humidity in hospital wards is relatively high, especially in ICU wards and the wards of asthmatic patients. In rainy days or continuous rainy days, the humidity in the ward will also rise. When the room temperature exceeds 28 C and the humidity is more than 70% RH, there will be stifling, sweating, boredom, fatigue and other reactions.

Ensuring the efficacy and safety of medicines is an important matter concerning the treatment and rehabilitation of patients, even life! In the rainy season, the back tide in the hospital pharmacy causes the drugs to be damped, and the problem that the efficacy and safety of drugs can not be guaranteed must be solved immediately. Therefore, strict humidity control is also required in hospital pharmacies, which is not careless at all.

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