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How to Use Home Silent Running Dehumidifier Correctly?

With the change of season, sometimes the weather becomes very humid and the humidity in the air is very high, which brings a lot of inconvenience to our life and affects our body. Many people will use dehumidifier, so please come to know how to use the home silent running dehumidifier and maintain it correctly.

How to use silent running dehumidifier correctly?

1. The dehumidifier should be avoided to use beside the heat source and keep the air inlet and outlet unblocked. Generally, the dehumidifier should be placed in the middle of the space, and there should be enough space around it. Do not pile up articles. Keeping the air flowing smoothly can achieve even dehumidification effect.

2. Freezing dehumidifier will frost or freeze when it is used in low temperature (below 18 C). The dehumidifier with defrosting function can automatically frost, but the dehumidifier without defrosting function can use artificial defrosting (power-off mode). Generally, the temperature is low, the humidity is low, the humidity is below 40%, the dehumidification effect may not be obvious, and the speed is slow, which are normal phenomena.

3. Setting room ambient humidity below 60% can effectively prevent humidity and dehumidification and prevent mildew of articles. Wet quilts and mattresses seriously affect our sleep quality. Quilts and mattresses can be dried by dehumidifier. The specific operation is to close the doors and windows of the room, set the humidity as a dry clothes file in the case of no one, and set the humidity as a comfortable file in some cases.

4. Dehumidification quantity is determined under standard environmental conditions. If the dehumidification quantity is 50 liters per day, it means the 24-hour effluent volume measured at 30 C/RH 80%. During the operation of the dehumidifier, the hot air discharged from the outlet is the normal operation of the dehumidifier. In winter, the humidity of the outlet is low and the temperature of the outlet is obviously decreased, which is a normal phenomenon.

Maintenance of home silent running dehumidifier 

1. Adjust the set humidity of the dehumidifier correctly When setting humidity with silent running dehumidifier, humidity should be adjusted according to its own feeling of humidity, indoor number and space size. Usually, when indoor activities are less, the room humidity can be adjusted to about 60% RH. This is the most comfortable humidity for human body. The humidity setting is too low. In addition to making people feel dry, because of the great difference between indoor and outdoor humidity and the rapid expansion of humidity, the compressor is frequently turned on and off, which shortens the service life of the dehumidifier and consumes more energy.

2. Clean home silent running dehumidifier regularly In order to improve the quality of ambient air and maintain a healthy environment, it is suggested that the filter screen of silent running dehumidifier should be removed regularly for cleaning. This can effectively dust the dehumidifier and regularly clean the radiator of outdoor machine, which can effectively improve its heat transfer coefficient and efficiency and improve the working efficiency of the dehumidifier.

3. Inspect dehumidifiers by professionals regularly After long-term use of silent running dehumidifier, the wiring and components in the dehumidifier will have different degrees of aging. Serious will also cause damage to the unit and human body, so it is best to invite professionals to regularly check the circuit of the dehumidifier, supplement refrigerants, replace aging components. Replacement of aging components can effectively prevent radiation to the human body and also provide you with a healthy environment.

4. Protective measures should be taken when silent running dehumidifier is not used. When the dehumidifier is no longer used for a long time, it should be well protected, such as in winter or when nobody is at home on business. The dehumidifier should be covered with a protective cover to avoid sunshine, rain and dust deposition, which will cause difficulties in cleaning and maintenance in the future.

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