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How to Use Household Dehumidification Correctly? Electronic Business Skills

1. If you want to get good humidification effect, when purchasing humidifier, you should take into account the climate, room area and humidification amount of humidifier, so as to make the air humidity reach an appropriate level.

2. In addition, when using industrial humidifier, we should pay attention to the control of humidity. Excessive low humidity can tighten the skin, dry the mouth and dry the tongue, and easily cause respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, influenza, rhinitis, etc. Excessive humidity also affects the water balance between the human body and the environment, making people feel stuffy. Therefore, it is better to choose a household humidifier with automatic constant humidity function. Only when the indoor humidity is below the standard range, the machine will start humidification, and above this range, the fog will be reduced to stop humidification. In the process of commercial dehumidification, if the humidifier without automatic constant humidity function is used, it is better to put a humidity meter in the room to keep abreast of the air humidity at any time, and adjust the working condition of the humidifier according to the humidity.

3. In the process of commercial dehumidification, attention should be paid to the location of humidifier. When the industrial dehumidifier is opened, it will emit cold fog. When using, it should avoid being too close to the human body in order to avoid catching cold. Electrically heated humidifiers release hot vapor, so we need to prevent scalds. In addition, the relative humidity near the humidifier is relatively high, and it is best to keep a distance of about 1 meter with household appliances and furniture when using, so as to avoid dampness and damage to electrical appliances and furniture.

4. Whether to close doors and windows when using industrial dehumidifiers is also a matter of concern. If you want to make the room humidity rise in a short time, the effect of closing doors and windows will be better. However, it should be noted that if the door and window are closed for a long time while the humidifier is used, and the heating equipment is activated, the warm, wet and dirty air is easy for the survival and reproduction of pathogens, which is not conducive to health.

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