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Humidifier for Industrial Use

Humidifier for industrial use refers to the humidifier system used in industrial fields and central air conditioning. Different from the civil humidifier, the humidification amount is large, and the humidity can be fully automatic controlled. With the increase of high-tech multinational enterprises in China, more and more fine chemicals, precision electronics, precision casting, textile and chemical fiber industries will impose stricter requirements on the environmental air humidity control of production processes, so that the ambient air humidity reaches the level of technical level the production process.

In the chemical fiber, textile, precision casting and other industries, the requirements for ambient air humidity are usually high. Cooling, dust reduction, and prevention of static electricity are the targets for humidity adjustment of humidifier for industrial use. Humidifiers for industrial use are mainly divided into the following categories according to their working principles: high-pressure micro-mist humidifier consists of five main parts: main engine, special micro-mist nozzle, shunt control system, high-pressure pipeline transmission system and ultra-fine water supply filtration system. During operation, the high-pressure ceramic plunger pump in the main engine pressurizes the filtered water supply to 7 MPa, and then passes through the high-pressure transmission line to the ultra-fine mist nozzle. After atomization, it is sprayed to the entire space with fine particles of 1--10 μm. The water mist absorbs heat in the air, and the gasification increases the moisture content of the air, thereby achieving the humidification requirement. The fine particles absorb some of the heat of the air during gasification, and thus can also reduce the ambient temperature.

Ultrasonic humidifier, which is characterized by fine atomized particles, fast absorption by air after atomization, easy installation and maintenance, ranks first in the popularity of various industrial humidifiers. The ultrasonic humidifier can choose to use the ducted air supply method to send the humidified air into the space to humidify, cool down and reduce dust. It can be used in a wide range of industries and environments, covering almost every aspect of industrial and agricultural production. The customer's recognition is very high and popular.

The centrifugal humidifier has a slightly larger amount of wet air particles after atomization.  However, the model is easy to use and has low maintenance costs in the future. Centrifugal humidifiers can be divided into hand-pushing and hanging hoisting. The customer is very convenient during the experiment, which is the advantage of the centrifugal humidifier. In addition, the mobile hand-pushing self-contained water tank is suitable for use in a humidifier that is not convenient for erecting a tap water pipe to automatically enter the water. The hoisting centrifugal humidifier can rotate the air at 120 degrees, the air supply humidification surface is wide, and the lifting does not occupy the ground. As the equipment for cooling and dust reduction in the workshop, it is the first choice.

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