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Importance of Dehumidifier to Archives

To know that the dehumidifier is indispensable for the archives, the paper dehumidifier is very important for the archives.

The following are the main damaging effects of humidity on the archives:

1. Humidity is an important factor affecting the mechanical strength of paper. When the humidity of paper is too low, the paper will become brittle, and the flexural strength and tensile strength will decrease significantly. When the humidity of paper is too high, its mechanical strength will also decrease significantly. Experiments show that for general paper, when the humidity is 28%, it usually has better mechanical strength, and the moisture content of paper mainly depends on the indoor humidity.

2. The value of archives and books lies mainly in handwriting. If the handwriting is not clear, the archives will lose their use value. Practice has proved that moisture can make ink diffuse, resulting in blurred handwriting, water-soluble fading. Experiments show that when the relative humidity in the library is below 75%, the handwriting is basically unaffected.

3. Humidity can breed the growth and reproduction of fungi and insects, and the pests in printed matter will bite the paper; fungi will make the paper fibers soft and degummed or even become pasty substances. Practice has proved that when the relative humidity is 70%, the fungus will multiply in large quantities. At this time, it is necessary to control the humidity of the dehumidifier, which is about 50%.

4. Moisture will accelerate the chemical reaction of paper and accelerate the destruction of paper. In wet conditions, solid dust covering the surface of printed matter will accelerate its acidic-alkaline chemical reaction with paper, which will seriously affect the life of archives or books. Humidity has a great influence on the files in the archives, so the archives can not do without the dehumidifier. The paper dehumidifier produced by Greeme is very suitable for use in archives. It has efficient dehumidification function, simple operation and low noise.

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