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Intelligent Low Energy Desiccant Dehumidifier Becomes A New Focus for Smart Home.

In recent years, the concept of smart home has attracted wide attention. The era of smart home is getting closer and closer to us. The dehumidifier is also unwilling to lag behind. It seems that it can't wait to enter the era of smart home. Environmental regulation and control is an important part of intelligent home. Traditional dehumidifier has relatively single function. The most important dimension of indoor environmental quality is temperature, humidity, quality and circulation. What we really need is comprehensive evaluation based on real-time indoor air data, which can effectively change indoor air quality, improve indoor environmental comfort and truly let the house learn to breathe. Intelligent low energy desiccant dehumidifier’s advantages immediately highlighted.

Three factors of popularity of intelligent low energy desiccant dehumidifier

1. Precise dehumidification In high humidity environment, it is a hotbed for rapid propagation of various bacteria. Dehumidification can effectively reduce indoor humidity, reduce the growth of molds and other bacteria, make the human body feel comfortable, but also reduce the occurrence of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, tracheitis, asthma and other diseases. But the traditional dehumidifier can not automatically adjust according to the humidity of indoor air. The intelligent low energy desiccant dehumidifier can automatically adjust according to the humidity, temperature and quality of indoor area, so as to achieve very accurate dehumidification effect.

2. Remote Control Apart from refrigerators, which work 24 hours a day, most other appliances work intermittently. In order to create a more comfortable home environment, we all hope that products like dehumidifiers can be opened before people get home, and we can feel the drying effect of dehumidifiers immediately after we get home. And intelligent dehumidifier can do it. When our mobile phone is equipped with APP, it can monitor the humidity of the home remotely outdoors, and also can operate the dehumidifier to open ahead of time. Even if you leave home and forget to turn it off, you can turn it off remotely via your mobile phone.

3. Green, environmental protection and energy saving When we buy household appliances, we usually consider energy consumption. High energy consumption household appliances are definitely not the first choice. After entering the era of intelligence, computers can effectively control the use of energy and avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. Precise dehumidification can greatly reduce energy consumption, and remote control can avoid energy loss caused by forgetting to close.

In addition, modern finishing technology makes the friction of intelligent dehumidifier components smaller. Therefore, the noise generated by the intelligent dehumidifier in the operation process is minimal, and will not affect people's normal life, which can create a quiet operation environment for people, and better meet people's actual needs. Intelligent dehumidifier also has the characteristics of long service life, bringing high economic benefits to users.

Based on the advantages of intelligent dehumidifier, it can be predicted that it has a larger market prospect than traditional dehumidifier. Especially in the past two years, dehumidifier is becoming an important weapon against humidity.

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