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Introduction of Advantages of Ceiling Dehumidifiers

The working principle of ceiling dehumidifiers for home is that the damp air is pumped into the machine by fan, then after passing through the evaporator which is cooled by compressor to below dew point, it will condensed into water on the surface of the evaporator. Later the water will be collected in the wet pan and flow into the water tank. Finally the dried air is reheated by the condenser and discharged from the outlet. By circulating this process, the indoor humidity can be reduced continuously. So what factors should be considered when choosing ceiling dehumidifier for home?
1.Measure space volume by the formula of area * height (Conversing it into use area in proportion of 2:6 after the measurement).
2. Consider the humidity range you need. The general space humidity range is 60%-70%, and the humidity range of valuables is about 50%.
3. Generally, the fresh air volume of houses is around 10%. If doors and windows cannot be closed or the airtight property is not good, the fresh air volume should be increased accordingly.

Advantages of ceiling dehumidifier for home:
1. The product is small and exquisite. It can be hidden and hoisted on the ceiling, which does not affect the effect of interior decoration, being beautiful and safe.
2. Different installation modes or models with special requirements can be provided as required.
3. You can adjust operating conditions according to the environmental temperature and humidity requirements.
4. It is tailor-made for users (You can choose compressor brand, dehumidifying volume and shape size);
5. It has compressor protection device;
6. It has computer humidity control;
7. It has automatic defrosting device.

Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd.  ceiling dehumidifier for home can installed without being seen, which is beautiful, practical and space saving. It is widely used in villas, hotels, office buildings, laboratories and other places, which can  avoid large losses caused by humidity and mildew.

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