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Introduction of Wall Mountable Dehumidifier

Because roast duck barns and workshops are generally difficult to have good ventilation, they have their own requirements for humidity and purification. This has gradually become the main consumer of wall mountable dehumidifier. The wall mountable dehumidifier can control and regulate the humidity of roast duck barn and workshop. It is a very important daily dehumidifier in the maintenance of goods and an important measure to maintain the quality of goods. Temperature and humidity are twinning to be controlled in an indoor environment. Therefore, temperature and humidity regulation and control need to be handled simultaneously in the production, storage, and basement environment of many industries. In the process of commodity storage and processing, wall mountable dehumidifier should reasonably arrange storage sites according to the characteristics of commodities and the law of quality change, scientifically use the methods of sealing, ventilation, dehumidification, and purification, and correctly control and regulate the humidity of warehouses, workshops and basements, so as to ensure the safety and qualified rate of commodity quality.

A wall mountable dehumidifier is used in basement, warehouse and purification workshop. It can control the humidity space of articles with reasonable humidity. Humidity is an important environmental index. Humidity requirement depends on the sensitivity of the goods processed and stored to air temperature and humidity. The range of indoor environmental humidity required by general warehouse is 40% - 60% RH. Relative humidity of special warehouse environment and processing workshop needs to be calculated strictly by relevant parameters to ensure the effect of warehouse humidity control. A wall mountable dehumidifier is a fan that pumps moist air into the machine. It is suspected to form water droplets through the interaction of the refrigeration system (compressor, evaporator, cooler). Water droplets flow into the water tank, producing and discharging dry air. Such a cycle reduces indoor humidity, and the humid space gradually achieves the effect of drying.

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