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Museum Dehumidifier

The museum is an important place to collect, display and preserve all kinds of precious cultural relics. However, no matter what kind of cultural relics are collected, the requirements for their storage environment are very high, including environmental temperature, humidity, light, and oxygen content in the air. In particular, temperature and humidity are two important indicators that affect the long-term safe preservation of museum collections. As the temperature of the museum changes, the humidity will also change, and the photooxidation speed of various cultural relics will also be affected. The temperature and humidity will affect each other under certain conditions.

However, if scientific and reasonable temperature and humidity control measures are not adopted, it is difficult to reach the standard temperature and humidity values required for the most suitable cultural relics in different regions and different weather conditions. Under normal circumstances, the museum will also use the central air conditioning, dehumidifier, humidifier or constant temperature and humidity machine temperature and humidity control equipment to control the temperature of the museum exhibition hall, warehouse and other environments to 15-20 ° C according to the regulations of relevant departments. The humidity is controlled at 45-60%. However, different kinds of cultural relics of different materials have different requirements for temperature and humidity. In particular, some special cultural relics need to be set separately for temperature and humidity.

For example, in the same exhibition hall, the storage temperature of pottery artifacts is between 18 and 24 ° C, and the relative humidity is 50% to 65% relative humidity. Bronze utensils need to be kept in a dry environment with a relative humidity of less than 40% as much as possible, while calligraphy, painting and textile artifacts need to maintain a relative humidity of around 55%. In addition, the requirements for metal, bamboo and wood are also different. The special temperature and humidity requirements of these artifacts cannot be met simply by controlling the environment and maintaining a constant humidity and humidity state. The cultural relics showcase is an essential basic protection measure for all kinds of cultural relics in the museum.

Therefore, when visiting the museum, you will see that these precious artifacts will be well protected in the glass showcase! Not only that, but also the temperature and humidity in the display cabinet must be kept within a certain range and remain stable. Therefore, it is necessary to install a separate dehumidification device in a cultural relic display cabinet made of different materials - a museum dehumidifier for the showcase. In this way, the showcase can also maintain a small environment of constant temperature and humidity, thereby protecting various precious cultural relics from temperature and humidity changes.

Different heritage collection materials have different requirements for the temperature and humidity of the storage environment. In addition to scientifically and reasonably controlling the temperature and humidity of the overall environment of the exhibition hall, showroom, and storage warehouse, the museum also needs to independently control the temperature and humidity of the small environment inside the glass display cabinet. Inside the museum showcase is a small environment. Like other big environments, its temperature and humidity are mutative. These changes will cause serious damage to the exhibits.

For this reason, when the museum needs to accurately control the temperature and humidity in the display case, or when the passive humidity control cannot meet the requirements, it is necessary to equip a museum dehumidifier for display case in different display cases according to different cultural materials. It can accurately meet the temperature and humidity control requirements of different small environments.

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