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New Skills of Moisture-proof and Dehumidification in Printing Mills

How to moistureproof and dehumidify has always been the most concerned topic in our daily life, work, office and industrial production; when it comes to moistureproof in our home environment, we should not only pay attention to ventilation, but also rely on professional dehumidifier; as a dehumidifier to deal with wet and rainy weather, it has become one of the electrical equipment that many families and factories and enterprises are rushing to buy.

For example, in order to ensure the normal operation of printing process and the quality of printing products, as well as to improve the production efficiency of the whole printing process, the printing workshop must maintain a certain temperature and humidity. Different printing processes of printing products will have different requirements for humidity. Generally, the requirements of environmental temperature and humidity are relatively clear in the printing plant, and the temperature of the workshop is controlled within 22 +4 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity is controlled between 50 + 10% RH, which requires the use of paper dehumidifier.

We should all know that the paper used by the printing plant has a strong moisture absorption capacity. When there is more moisture in the air, the paper will absorb moisture; when the paper swells, it will produce lotus edges (wavy curls), which is not conducive to the printing process of paper. Almost all papers have a certain moisture absorption capacity, which will increase the internal moisture content due to the increase of environmental humidity. I believe that many manufacturers should have noticed this.
Then, how to purchase paper dehumidifier to dehumidify and moisture-proof the printing plant at this time? At the same time, it is also a headache for many manufacturers' decision makers. In fact, you need not worry at all. Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. sincerely solves your problems and gives the following suggestions, hoping to help you!

Generally, it is more appropriate for a printing plant to control the air humidity of the paper environment at 40%-50%. When choosing a paper dehumidifier, comprehensive consideration should be made according to the size of the indoor environment and the sealing of the paper dehumidifier. Warehouses and workshops are different, because there are many people in the workshop, and the breathing will also discharge water, so the workshop should use an industrial dehumidifier with a larger dehumidification capacity than the warehouse. Of course, there are no vents or air conditioners in the room and these new air should also be taken into account. In order to be able to dehumidify evenly, the use of multiple dehumidifiers will be better.

The design of paper dehumidifier in Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. adopts the characteristics of intelligent micro-computer control, full-computer LCD display, fault code display, free humidity setting, automatic control, automatic defrosting, convenient movement and so on. And it also uses the international brand high-efficiency rotary compressor, which has the advantages of power saving, high efficiency, silence and other performance advantages.

Welcome to inquire about the details of paper dehumidifier! There are many kinds of dehumidifiers. The price and application range of different brands of dehumidifiers will vary slightly, and we will provide you with high quality products and comprehensive after-sales service.

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