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Principle of Food Cold Air Drying

Heat pump dehumidifier drying of food is a process that uses a low temperature and low humidity air to force circulation in the food room so that its moisture content gradually decreases to reach drying.

Low temperature and low humidity air continuously absorbs moisture on food surface in forced circulation; air in saturated state passes through evaporator, which kind of dryer equipment is better because of evaporation of refrigerant in evaporator, surface temperature of evaporator falls below dew point temperature of air, air is cooled and water is precipitated after-evaporator, water is discharged from the reservoir by water collector; low temperature and low humidity air enters the cold reservoir again. In the condenser, the air is heated to form dry air due to the flow of high-temperature gaseous refrigerant from the compressor and then mixed with saturated air to produce low temperature and humidity air for repeated circulation.

Heat pump dehumidifier drying of food

1.Performance characteristics

2. Integration unit, high efficiency, high precision, all operation is automatic control.

3. Efficient dehumidification system.

4. Use a heat pump to reduce the operation cost greatly.

5.Automatic reset function after power failure.

6. Complex processing process, a button can be operated.

7. Full-featured, with a variety of processing processes, processing can be divided into drying; drying - refrigeration; refrigeration - drying; refrigeration and other four kinds.

Greeme heat pump dehumidifier drying of food product features:

1. The heat is closed circulated in the dryer, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.

2. The drying is even, and the temperature difference between the upper and lower parts of the machine is small.

3.Automatic control of temperature and humidity of dryer to ensure appropriate humidity and temperature requirements for drying.

4.Automatic control of drying time to realize automatic management.

5. The sea cucumber dried at relatively low temperature has high quality, no cracking, no collapse, good color, and nutritional elements.

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