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Ceiling Dehumidifier GMD-26A

The unit has a delicate design and high-quality unit, which guarantee stable performance and long service life.

Overview of Ceiling dehumidifier GMD-26A / Wall mounted dehumidifier GMD-26A

The unit has a delicate design and high-quality unit, which guarantee stable performance and long service life. Configured with a high heat transfer efficiency, high and low voltage protection, anti-freeze protection, current overload protection device, compact structure, thus running low vibration, low noise, the dehumidification large, Select according to your room or send the requirement, we'll offer the professional advice for you.

Application of Ceiling dehumidifier GMD-26A

This series can be applied as a home dehumidifier in the villa, basement and small rooms, can be applied as a commercial dehumidifier in office, hotels, lab, meeting room, restaurant and natatorium. which offer high dehumidification capability with a slim body that can save room space and not affect the indoor decoration. Greeme, as a professional dehumidifier manufacturer and air environment solution provider, updates our Ceiling dehumidifier series in 2018. Our small and delicate wall mounted dehumidifier will definitely offer you a brand new experience.

Basic technical information of Ceiling dehumidifier GMD-26A

Capacity: 26 L/D
Application space: 30~50m²
Dimension: 250*360*745 mm

Function & Feature of Ceiling dehumidifier GMD-26A

  • Novel design, Save space, easy to install and maintain
  • Famous brand compressor, high efficiency, low noise and safe - overheat protection during the process
  • Convenient and intelligent operation, LED control panel, humidity control and setting freely and adjustable
  • Efficiently work under low temperature as 5℃ with automatic defrost inside
  • Stable humidity control with aviation plug
  • Backward central fugal fan, high efficiency, large air volume and low noise
  • G4 filters in air inlet, clean air and ensure the operation
  • Sound batts inside, effectively insulate the sound to reach low noise
  • Dehumidification + Purification, G4 filter, UV sterilization and negative purification within, to protect the members' health
  • Sheet metal housing and compact structure design inside, Solid and durable

Parameter of Ceiling dehumidifier GMD-26A

Model GMD-26A
Dehumidifying Capacity 26L/D
Refrigerant R134a
Compressor Brand Danfu
Maximum Power Rating 600W
Maximum Current Rating 2.5A
Rated Power Rating 450W
Rated Current Rating 2A
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Supply Air Rate 270m³/h
Static Pressure of Process Air 50 Pa
Noise ≤45dB
Applied Area(Height 3 meter) 30~50m²
Filter G2 Primary Filters
IP Rating IPX04
Working Temperature 5-38℃
Model of Drainage Flexile Pipe Connection
Dia of Air Inlet(mm) Φ150
Dia of Air Outlet(mm) Φ110
Body size 745*360*250
Neight Weight (kg) 25

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