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Industrial humidifier GMJS-36S

Overview of Industrial Humidifiers GMJS-36S / Ultrasonic Humidifiers GMJS-36S

GMJS-36S consists of water reservoir and oscillating plates. Through the high-frequency sound vibrations of oscillating plates, the water droplets transform into a fine mist. And then, the mist is expelled by a quiet fan into the room to add moisture.

Humidifying capacity: 36kg
Applied area: 500-600㎡

Function and Features of Industrial Humidifiers GMJS-36S / Ultrasonic Humidifiers GMJS-36S

  • Intelligent Control system. Self-developed dynamic LCD, 1% precise control
  • Convenient operation
  • Precision Technology. Novel design with stainless steel baking vanish
  • Equipped fan with high-level waterproof technology, long service life
  • Automation design, humanization design of physical water intake, atomizing system equips with excessive low water level protection, also overflow and pollution charge
  • Universal wheel, making the convenient move to everywhere in your home

Application of Industrial Humidifiers GMJS-36S / Ultrasonic Humidifiers GMJS-36S

Scientists recommend a range of Industries 45-55% relative humidity for certain industries. If lower than 45%, friction appears, leading to the sparks, which will damage the equipment and influence the safety of production process.

  • Industries like Papermaking, Plastic, Textile, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Computer rooms, Spray coating, Printing, HVAC: use humidifiers to eliminate the static and dust.
  • Paper and printer manufacturing: use humidifiers to curb shrinkage and paper curl.
  • Art museums: use humidifier to preserve sensitive works of art.
  • Freshness storage, farming and manmade landscape: use humidifier to preserve moisture, keep fresh and storage
  • Our humidifiers are also ideal for hospital operating rooms, cold storage rooms, and semiconductor manufacturing firms.

Greeme's Industrial Humidifiers of Industrial Humidifiers GMJS-36S / Ultrasonic Humidifiers GMJS-36S

Model GMJS-36S
Dehumidify Capacity 36kg/h
Electric shock protection rate
IP Rating IPX0
Voltage 1 Phase 220V/50Hz
Rated Power 3600W
Rated Current /
Applied Area((Floor Height 3meter)) 500~600㎡
Mist outlet 160* 2 tubes
Body Size 900X600X560mm
Net Weight /

  • Embeded portable filing, it is convenient to maintain and wash, also allow manually filling water in emergency
  • Diversified allocation of fog outlet, which can be independently set or connected with air-conditioning ventilation system
  • Electric heat radiation system, ensuring the stability of main control circuit
  • Separation of dry and wet, independent electric control system, reliable and safe
  • High air flow and air pressure, max relative humidity reaches 99%
  • Initiative design of air inlet duct and fog forming space, fog output reaches 90%
  • Equips with physical water inlet, water outlet, pollution outlet, easy to wash and maintain
  • Best water level fogging system test. When in low water level, the device will automatically start water-lack protection, in case of the damage of core parts

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