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Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A

Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A

Overview of Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A

Based on refrigerate dehumidifier, Pipeline Dehumidifier reach more average control of humidity by extending the flue. Except for our standard products like GMGD-50A, non-standard or customized products are also welcomed. Just provide the specific data for us.

Pipeline Dehumidifiers have three types of Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A :

  • Warming: mainly for dehumidifying, no refrigeration function, suitable for places without temperature requirement
  • Temperature control: combined with dehumidification and refrigeration, which both are adjustable, especially suitable for places with varies changes of thermal load
  • Cooling: reducing humidity with refrigeration together, however, the refrigeration is not adjustable, suitable for places with varies changes of thermal load, and no relative humidity requirement.

Function and features of Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A

  • Daikin compressor equipped
  • backward centrifugal fan, low noise, high performance and strong airflow
  • Application temperature down to 5℃, defrosting automatically
  • Electricity leakage protection
  • Germany Heraeus Humidity sensor equipped, exact and intelligent
  • Schneider electrical controlling of electronic system, complied with international standard EN6024
  • Evaporator and Radiator equipped with inner thread sleeve aluminum fin. Heat exchanger equipped with copper tube aluminum fin, inner compact structure, high heat exchange efficiency

Application of Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A

The device can be installed in every corner in workshops or warehouse. It fits extremely well in electronics, food, pharmaceutical, defense, civil air defense, tobacco, petrochemical, subway station, aerosphere, purification, laboratory, telecommunication equipment room, archive and special glass.

Principle of Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A

Pipeline Dehumidifier is based on Refrigerate dehumidifiers. The humid air in pipeline is inhaled into the unit by the fan. When the humid air comes into heat exchanger, the moisture collected as into the tray and finally drains out through the pipes. Meanwhile, the dried air comes to outside through the pipeline dehumidifier. This continuous circulation makes the humidity in the room to be ideal and comport.

It always contains two circulations of pipeline dehumidifier:

  • Internal circulation, the circulation of refrigerant

Compressor operating----exhausting air with high temperature and high pressure in air outlet----enter into condenser----turn to be gas (refrigerant) with low temperature and high pressure---- capillary restriction----turn to be liquid (refrigerant) with low temperature and low pressure----absorb heating in evaporator----come back to compressor to gas (refrigerant) with low temperature and low pressure
  • External circulation, the circulation of air
When in process----fan operating----humid air sucted from air inlet----come through evaporator----absorb the moisture to the aluminum coil----turn to be dried air----cooling in condenser----transfer by air outlet

Parameter of Pipeline Dehumidifier GMGD-50A

Model GMGD-50A
Dehumidify Capacity 50kg/h
(30℃ /80%)
Power 25000W
Voltage 380V~50Hz
Refrigerant R22
Surplus Pressure of the Unit 200Pa
Control scope of Air Humidity 10-99%
Filter of air in G4 Primary Filters
IP Rating IPXO4
Circulating Air Flow 12500m3/h
Applied Temperature 5OC~38OC
Model of Drainage Flexile Pipe Connection
Air In / Out Method Front in, Top out
Compressor Copeland
Electrical system Schneider
Compressor protection 3 minutes Delay Protection
Weight about 350kg
Dimension 1950*800*2100mm

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