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Rainy Season. Time to Pick Your Dehumidifier.

The rainy day lasted for a week. The humid and restless environment made many friends in the South crazy, didn't it? With the development of science and technology, we don't have to endure the discomfort of dampness as we used to. Today, we'll talk about dehumidification.

Humidity, like temperature, is an important index to evaluate the environment, and also directly affects the human body feeling and comfort.

When the air humidity is in the range of 40% - 60%, we will feel very comfortable. This humidity environment is also the most conducive to human health. When the humidity exceeds 60%, the body begins to feel uncomfortable. If encountering high temperature weather, people will cause sweat difficult to discharge, make people sultry, irritable, loss of appetite, etc. If you encounter low temperature weather, wet and cold environment will be a nightmare of arthritis patients.

In addition, high humidity will also bring a lot of inconvenience to life, such as clothing, books, furniture and other moldy, wet shoes and clothes difficult to dry. What is more harmful is that some bacteria and viruses can also rapidly propagate and spread under high humidity conditions, which poses a direct threat to human health. Research data show that when air humidity is higher than 65%, microbial reproduction is the fastest. It can be seen that for our health and quality of life, when the humidity exceeds a certain value, dehumidification is very necessary!

With this silent dehumidifier for bedroom, we can finally survive in this weather.

The silent dehumidifier for bedroom is very powerful for dehumidification, and it can be effectively dehumidification after opening for half an hour. Every day when I come home from work, the whole room is refreshing, not to mention how comfortable it is. Besides, it is super quiet and energy-saving. The key point is that humidity can be controlled intelligently.

To test whether a dehumidifier is good or not, we should first see whether the dehumidifier is strong or not. The strong point of this dehumidifier lies in the semiconductor refrigeration and dehumidification technology of the silent dehumidifier for bedroom. There are two sides inside, cold and hot. It can absorb hot and humid air into the bar, and change it into dry air to exhaust, which can dehumidify the bar. Ordinary dehumidifier has only one dehumidification module, and it has two groups! The dehumidification capacity is two times stronger than that of the general one. It can absorb 750 mL of water at a time, which is equivalent to the effect of a whole 10 hygroscopic boxes. With a large area of air outlet, it can absorb more humid air, and the dehumidification area is wider. A large room of 25 square meters can be dry in two hours. The operation is very simple. Once the switch is pressed, the green light is turned on and the dehumidification is automatically carried out. Open it and stay in the room as dry as going back to autumn. The number of bacteria adhering to the moisture decreases, and the air is purified to a certain extent to avoid respiratory diseases. It's also worth the price to let oneself and family get sick less once.

With the silent dehumidifier for bedroom, this rainy day can finally be dry and cool.

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