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Requirements for Hospital Dehumidification

Hospital is one of the places with the highest hygienic requirement. The temperature and humidity control of operating room is very important. Therefore, hospital dehumidification is imperative.

The temperature and humidity of the operating room must be controlled within a certain range: the temperature is between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is between 45% RH and 60% RH. Appropriate ambient temperature and humidity are very important for both operators and patients. When the room temperature exceeds 28 C and the humidity is more than 70% RH, it is easy to react with sultry, sweating, boredom and fatigue, which can easily affect the stable mood and agile thinking, so that the operator's technical level can not be well developed. At the same time, patients will also have symptoms such as fast heart rate and sweating, which will increase the difficulty of surgery.

When the room temperature is below 20 degrees, operators wearing only surgical clothes will feel cold, which easily affects the sensitivity and accuracy of the operation, especially the subtle movements of fingers. As one of the most demanding units in hospital, clean operating room has constant control requirements for temperature and humidity. However, the shadowless lamp and ordinary lighting in the operating room will affect the temperature and humidity, which makes it difficult to meet the requirement of keeping the temperature and humidity constant during the operation. Therefore, the temperature and humidity index is the most important control index in the clean operating room.

Temperature directly affects the comfort degree of patients and medical staff. When the room humidity is more than 60%, the speed of bacterial reproduction will be greatly accelerated. From the point of view of controlling bacterial growth, hospital dehumidification is also very important. Practice has proved that one of the main reasons for wound infection after operation is that bacterial particles in the air of the operating room fall into the wound when evaluating the operation. Therefore, the cleanliness of the air in the operating room must be put forward higher requirements.

Some developed industrial countries have already formulated their own air purification standards for hospital operating rooms, limiting the bacterial content in the air of operating rooms. In addition, the temperature and humidity of the air in the operating room also have special requirements, because doctors should not empty clothes in winter, and patients should expose the surgical site, operating room temperature should be higher than the general room temperature. However, excessive room temperature in summer can cause sweating of doctors and patients, which is not conducive to the sanitation of the surgical site and the smooth operation.

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