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Seven Points for Attention in Choosing and Purchasing Dehumidifiers

Principles of Purchasing Dehumidifiers

1. Buy your own suitable room size: too little dehumidifier will make the dehumidifier too burdensome, and too strong dehumidifier will consume excess electricity, so it is advisable to buy a dehumidifier but not cheap dehumidifier, and do not use too good dehumidifier in small rooms, all according to demand to buy. Dehumidifier manufacturer's frozen dehumidifier products (hereinafter referred to as dehumidifier for short) can be divided into two categories: civil dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier; industrial dehumidifier can be divided into engineering and industrial dehumidifier according to its use; it can be divided into standard industrial dehumidifier and non-standard industrial dehumidifier according to different production properties; industrial dehumidifier is a very professional electromechanical dehumidifier equipment. People have insufficient knowledge of it. When choosing and matching dehumidifiers, they usually choose the simple type according to the area of the dehumidified place. Industrial workshops, warehouses and other air purification equipment belong to technological requirements, and their target about the humidity has strict requirements. Applicable scope of humidifier manufacturers: office, conference room, family meeting room, bedroom, as well as ward, operating room, major shopping malls, air-conditioning room, bar, Internet cafe, computer room and other work, rest and living space. It is applicable to local areas: humidifier used in textile industry, paper industry, computer room, electronic industry, mobile phone battery industry, spraying industry, plastic industry, powder industry, printing industry, laboratory, tobacco industry, HVAC industry, fresh-keeping storage, food industry, planting industry, breeding industry, artificial landscape and other industrial dehumidifier belongs to a small member of the refrigeration and air-conditioning family. At present, the main producers of dehumidifiers in the world are concentrated in Italy, Japan and Taiwan. China's position in the global market of dehumidifiers is not significant. Especially the household dehumidifiers, which have been mainly exported, have just been recognized by Chinese consumers. Local brands of industrial dehumidifiers have flourished in the fields of medicine, tobacco, paper making, aerospace and military industry in recent ten years. Industrial dehumidifier and other dehumidifier equipment of dehumidifier manufacturer can not be selected based solely on the area of the use site, but on the basis of its area, layer height, initial humidity target humidity value, indoor airtight degree, humidity source, fresh air supply and other comprehensive factors to calculate the key parameters such as total refrigeration capacity, unit time dehumidification capacity, dehumidifier selection.

2. Buy a dehumidifier according to the environment you live in

Dehumidification force is the better as it is bigger. If the air in the residential area is not wet enough, the dehumidifier can not achieve the declared effect, so it is in vain electricity consumption. Experts suggest that it is best to choose according to the humidity and space size of the residential area. The wetter the residential area is, the greater the dehumidification capacity is. If you live in a very humid area (humidity over 80%) and often feel the floor wet, you can choose the type with strong dehumidification force, such as the type with dehumidification force of more than 10 liters.

3. Pay attention to the power consumption of dehumidifier

Usually, the stronger the dehumidification force is, the greater the power consumption of the dehumidifier is. The traditional compressor type B dehumidifier can dehumidify 12L daily (L/DAY, 30 RH80%) energy consumption is about 100W~150W per hour, and the dehumidification amount is 20L daily (L/DAY, 30 RH80%),and energy consumption is about 200W~250W per hour, and the dehumidification wheel type dehumidifier, due to the need for heating, so the power consumption is more than twice that of the traditional type B dehumidifier. For example, the dehumidification wheel can dehumidify about 300W ~ 500W every day (L/DAY, RH80%). So please pay attention to the power consumption.

4. Better to choose the device having the ability to control humidity

Generally, the dehumidifier of the key panel has no humidity control, that is to say, it will stop when the water tank (high water tank, storage tank, low water tank) is full. This kind of dehumidifier sometimes causes the room to be lower than the optimum humidity (45%-65%) of the human body, which will make people feel uncomfortable, and the lips will crack and thirst. Therefore, it is better to choose humidity-controlled dehumidification. We should buy a humidity sensor which is cost-effective. If you can buy can adjust humidity 50%, 60%, 70% , it is better.

5. See clearly the format of dehumidification

When purchasing dehumidifier, we choose the general compressor type dehumidifier which has the daily dehumidification capacity L/DA.
Y, RH 80% at 30 C and daily dehumidification L/DA
Y, RH60% at 27 C and It is calculated by temperature and humidity.

6. Pay attention to the sound of dehumidifier operation

Generally speaking, compressor dehumidifier has the sound of compressor operation. Everyone knows the sound after blowing the air cooler. Early compressor dehumidifier was really noisy, like a chariot, but now the compressor dehumidifier is very quiet. However, if the compressor dehumidifier is used for a long time, the compressor will become slightly louder, while the dehumidifier wheel dehumidifier with a small loud voice will not be quieter than that of the compressor dehumidifier in general mode or strong mode, which may be different from the general concept, but the silence of the dehumidifier wheel dehumidifier will be used instead. The mode is really very low-pitched, almost like advertising can say that no sound can be felt. So the conclusion is that no matter what kind of real sound of the dehumidifier is now quiet, and the operation of the compressor can be said to be almost deaf.

7. Keep in mind the relationship between dehumidification force and dehumidification temperature

Generally speaking, compressor dehumidifier is the principle of air conditioner. Compressor dehumidifier is divided into type A dehumidifier and type B dehumidifier. The dehumidification temperature range of type A dehumidifier is 15-35 degrees, while that of type B dehumidifier is between 5-35 degrees. Therefore, the colder the weather, the lower the dehumidification force is, which is normal. When the room temperature is lower than the available range of compressor dehumidifier, there is almost no dehumidification energy.

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