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Special Requirements for Industrial Size Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier has high requirement on air volume

Because the industrial size dehumidifiers use different scenarios from the home dehumidifier environment, the air volume requirements of industrial dehumidifiers are very large. Household dehumidifier air volume is generally similar to household air conditioning, after all, the use of household appliances limits the power of the dehumidifier.

The scene of industrial dehumidifier is mostly in the workshop, warehouse and other relatively empty places. At this time, the air volume of household dehumidifier is far from enough, so the air volume of industrial dehumidifier fan will be particularly large. 800 cubic meters per hour in a household dehumidifier is impossible, but in the industrial dehumidifier, this is also relatively low value. Industrial dehumidifiers with higher air volume are everywhere.

Industrial size dehumidifiers also have a very large application area.

And the most intuitive advantage brought by large air volume is the increase of applicable area, compared with other household dehumidifiers, the applicable area is generally less than 50 square meters, even if this can meet the general family use (except for the local tyrants with villas).

In addition, the industrial dehumidifier will also put forward higher safety requirements. This is not to say that the household dehumidifier is unsafe, but that the industrial dehumidifier needs special safety requirements for its more complex and special use environment because of its complex use environment.

Industrial size dehumidifiers require higher security

Because of the working environment of the industrial dehumidifier, there will be no special person to take care of the work of the dehumidifier. Most of the time, like the router in the home, when it is put aside, the switch will start to gray, so it is very likely that the problem will not be found immediately. So the industrial dehumidifier needs power-off memory function to prevent it from continuing to work automatically in the daytime after a sudden power-off.

Industrial dehumidifier can be unattended

Moreover, because of the greater power, the dehumidification needs more reliable protection measures than household dehumidifiers, such as current overload protection, high and low voltage protection and so on. The requirements for fire prevention and leakage prevention are also higher than those for household dehumidifiers.

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