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The Application of Freezer Dehumidifier

The freezer dehumidifier is the dehumidifier we usually say, professionally called the freezer dehumidifier.

Why is it called a freezer dehumidifier? Because the basic principle is a physical phenomenon, the water vapor in the normal temperature and relatively high humidity air encounters a liquefaction process of cooling the copper tube to form water droplets. Simply speaking, this is a process in which water vapor turns into water droplets. Since the water vapor in the air is liquefied into water droplets, the water content in the air is lowered. The water content in the air drops and the air becomes dry. Therefore, the dehumidifier is a dehumidification device that provides a steam cooling liquefaction device throughout the process, so it is called a refrigeration dehumidifier.

Of course, the entire dehumidification process of the freezer dehumidifier is subdivided into two cycles of inner circulation and outer circulation, thereby achieving energy conversion and following the law of conservation of energy, and finally completing the dehumidification process of the entire specific space. The refrigeration dehumidifier can be divided into general type, cooling type, temperature adjustment type and multi-function type according to the use function.

The freezer dehumidifier has the characteristics of good dehumidification effect, rapid room relative humidity drop, low operating cost, no heat source, no need for cooling water, convenient operation and flexible use. It is widely used in national defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, various warehouses, libraries, archives, underground engineering, electronics industry, precision machining, medicine, food, agricultural seed storage and workshops of various industrial and mining enterprises.

The freezer dehumidifier adopts the full iron shell industrial style design, which is durable and beautiful. Its humidity digital dynamic display can be mastered in real time. It has a unique memory function. It is the best choice after it is powered off and automatically restored to the set state before power off.

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