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The Importance of Laboratory Dehumidification

The humidity and temperature in the laboratory are very important for special occasions such as laboratories. The temperature of the yellow plum in the south is not high and the humidity is very high, which causes great damage to the laboratory's precision instruments and equipment and accelerates the damage. A humid environment is a hotbed for accelerating metal oxidation. At the same time, the relative humidity of the environment is more than 60%, which is a high-incidence environment for mold. It is very necessary to use a dehumidifier at this time.

There are also many precautions in the laboratory dehumidifier during operation. The discharge of hot air from the air outlet is a phenomenon in which the machine is operating normally. In winter, the humidity is low and the temperature of the air outlet is also significantly reduced, which is a normal phenomenon. The laboratory dehumidifier cannot be placed close to the heat source, and it is necessary to keep the air inlet and outlet open. The dehumidifier is preferably placed in the middle of the space. Keeping the air flowing can achieve an average dehumidification effect.

The most common type of laboratory dehumidifier is the refrigerated dehumidifier. The principle of the refrigeration dehumidifier is to use the principle of compressor refrigeration. The moisture in the air enters the evaporator to condense, then accumulates and drains into the drain.  Dehumidifiers are not the same as air conditioner dehumidification methods. The dehumidification of the air conditioner can reduce the temperature of the entire space and then dehumidify it, and it is better to use it in the hot summer. Dehumidifier dehumidification is the internal cooling of the machine, the water in the air is discharged, the temperature of the space will rise slightly, but the temperature difference is not very obvious. It is used more and more all year round, and the electricity consumption is also relatively economical.

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