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The Necessity of Dehumidification on Ice Rink

With the improvement of people's living standards, people have a strong interest in ice sports. Whether it is an indoor ice rink for everyone's entertainment, or a professional skating rink, curling arena for athletes training and competition, artificial ice rinks are used. However, indoor ice rinks, stadium ice rinks, curling arenas, etc. often show condensation or corrosion. This is because the off-site wet air enters the field and condenses when it encounters a cold surface, which is especially noticeable at the roof. Condensed water fell from the roof to the ice surface, causing damage to the ice surface. Especially in the summer cooling, the air convection makes the ice field foggy and the air humid. This is very unfavorable for athletes to train, but it is also prone to safety accidents and corrosion of the roof grid and the facilities in the hall. To this end, indoor ice rinks, stadium skating rinks, curling arena and other artificial ice rinks need to be dehumidified according to their actual needs and on-site conditions to dehumidify the corresponding power or number of dehumidifiers, and effectively control the humidity.

When a dehumidifier is selected for an artificial ice rink such as an indoor ice rink, a stadium ice rink, or a curling arena, the operation requirements are as follows: when the outdoor temperature is above 30 ° C, the unit is required to be opened within one hour. This reduces the relative humidity of the artificial ice rink to below 70% RH without dripping or fogging. And it has low noise, and at the same time ensures that the equipment can automatically defrost and operate continuously under the low temperature environment of 5-18 °C.

The performance of the curling rink dehumidifier provided by Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Technology Ltd. is a good solution to the above problems. Welcome to buy!

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