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The Role of Industrial Humidifier in Industrial Production

Industrial size humidifier refers to the humidifier system specially used in industrial field and air conditioning supporting. Different from the civil humidifier, it has large humidification capacity and can realize full automatic humidity control. With the increasing number of high-tech multinational enterprises in China, more and more industries such as fine chemical industry, precision electronics, precision casting, textile and chemical fibers, will put forward stricter requirements for environmental air humidity control in production process, so that the environmental air humidity in production process can meet the technical level targets. Therefore, how to choose the appropriate industrial humidifier according to the actual working conditions and humidity requirements is a difficult problem for purchasing managers. How to choose an industrial humidifier that meets the needs of the production process for enterprise products?

In chemical fiber, textile, precision casting and other industries, the requirements of ambient air humidity are usually to reduce temperature, dust and prevent static electricity, which are the humidity regulation objectives of industrial size humidifiers. Industrial humidifiers can be divided into the following categories according to their working principles:

First, high-pressure mist humidifier is composed of main engine, special mist nozzle, shunt control system, high-pressure pipeline transmission system and ultra-fine water supply and filtration system. The high-pressure ceramic plunger pump in the main engine boosts the filtered water supply to 7MPa, and then transmit to the ultra-fine mist nozzle through the high-pressure transmission pipeline. After atomization, the water mist sprays to the whole space with 1-10um fine particles. The water mist absorbs heat in the air and gasifies to increase the air moisture content, thus meeting the humidification requirements. When the micro-particles are gasified, they absorb part of the air heat, which can also play a role in reducing the ambient temperature.

Second, ultrasound humidifier ranks first in the popularity of humidifiers of various industrial scales because of its fine atomized particles, fast absorption by air after atomization, easy installation and maintenance. Ultrasound humidifier can choose to use pipeline air supply mode to send the atomized wet air into space, which has the effect of humidification, cooling and dust reduction. It can be used in wide industries and environments, covering almost all aspects of industrial and agricultural production. Customers' recognition is very high, so they are very popular and favored.

Third, centrifugal humidifier, the wet air particles after atomization are slightly larger, but the use of this model is simple and the maintenance cost is low in the future. Centrifugal humidifier can be divided into manual movable type and suspension hoisting type. Customers are very convenient in the process of experiment. This is the advantage of centrifugal humidifier. In addition, mobile hand-pushed self-contained water tank is suitable for humidifier which is inconvenient to install automatic water supply pipe. Hoisting centrifugal humidifier can rotate 120 degrees to supply air, and air supply humidification surface is wide, hoisting does not occupy the ground, as a workshop cooling and dust reduction equipment, which is the first choice.

Fourth, how to choose industrial humidifier needs to be combined with the requirements of operating conditions and the advantages and characteristics of humidifier itself. It must not be indiscriminate, as long as it can be humidified. In this way, neither taking the characteristics of the product into account, nor giving full play to the corresponding advantages of humidifier products, which can not achieve equipment use effect of energy-saving, environmental protection, efficient, so it is inadequate.

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