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The Significance of Humidifier to Industrial Enterprises

In every autumn and winter season, affected by the dry weather, the relative humidity of air in factories and workshops of various industries will be below or too low, and each industry factory has its own humidity range requirements for the production and storage of the most suitable products. If the humidity is too low, then there will be static electricity enhancement, flying dust increase and so on. The quality of loud products will inevitably decline, and the efficiency of workshop will also have an impact. This is the most headache for many factories and enterprises in autumn and winter. It can be seen that industrial humidity control is necessary.

In modern industrial production, reasonable industrial humidity control plays a very important role in the whole process of product processing, because in the low humidity environment, some problems affecting the normal production and quality of products will gradually emerge; for example, in the textile industry, if the humidity is less than 40% RH, the yarn will easily break; in the electronic industry, if the humidity is lower than 40% RH, the yarn will be broken. Production and storage environment is too dry, and humidity below 40% RH will produce static electricity affecting the processing and quality of electronic products. When the air in industrial production environment is too dry, it is urgent to take effective humidification measures.

Everyone knows that if the air is drier, the humidity will be lower, and static electricity will easily be generated by friction with each other. In the process of production and processing, static electricity will affect the normal production and quality of products in many factories and enterprises. Now we can use Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. industrial humidifier to improve the humidity in the workshop, which can effectively eliminate static electricity, reduce dust in the air, improve the processing environment of machinery and equipment, carry out the industrial humidity control, provide a most favorable humidity environment for the production of products, and also solve the problem of drying processing materials which can not guarantee their normal processing. It can effectively ensure the normal operation of workshop production.

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