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The Test Method of Automatic Commercial Dehumidifier

The following three methods can be used to measure the air volume of the new type of automatic commercial dehumidifier:

1. Measure the nozzle flow rate. A nozzle flow meter can be added to the duct to calculate the volume flow of air through the duct. Specific operation methods: flow coefficient through the nozzle, throat dynamic pressure, water density (g/cm3 or kg/m3) and air density, as well as throat area of the nozzle were measured respectively.

2. At the outlet of the automatic commercial dehumidifier, the dynamic pressure of each part is measured by the specific trustee. Then the average value is calculated. Finally, the air volume is calculated. We can also calculate the average value of the air volume by measuring the wind speed at different points.

3. The inclined micro-manometer with a comparative trustee can be used to measure the air resistance of the automatic commercial dehumidifier. With the development of modern air conditioning technology, humidifier manufacturers have developed air humidity control technology and various humidification and dehumidifying equipment. In the 1960s, China began to attach importance to the research and development of humidity-reducing equipment, and has developed temperature-raising and humidity-reducing, runner humidity-reducing and dehumidifying by low-temperature condensation. Its products have been widely used in China.

4. Measure the cold water resistance of automatic commercial dehumidifier. The resistance of cooling water through dehumidifier is measured by standard pressure gauge with accuracy of 0.001.

5. Measure the cooling water quantity. Select the turbine flow transmitter with accuracy of about 1%.

6. Measure the cooling water temperature. Industrial dehumidifier and other dehumidifier equipment can not be selected based solely on the area of the use site, but on the basis of its area, layer height, initial humidity target humidity value, indoor airtight degree, humidity source, fresh air supply and other factors, which can help to calculate the key parameters such as total refrigeration capacity and unit time dehumidifying capacity. Mercury thermometer is used to measure the temperature of cooling water.

7. All values should be measured and registered every twenty minutes of operation of the dehumidifier.

8. Make a scientific comparative analysis of the obtained values. Using the above instruments and equipment, a series of values of dehumidifier can be measured by scientific methods, which provides the first-hand scientific basis for the improvement of dehumidifier.

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