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Tips for the Use of Dehumidifier--Industrial Dehumidifier-- Freezer Dehumidifier

In recent years, with the continuous rainy and humid weather, many citizens have bought dehumidifiers and other electrical appliances to dehumidify houses. Industrial rfreezer dehumidifier are also used in industrial production. In fact, the installation, use and maintenance of the dehumidifier have some tips.

First of all, we need to choose a dehumidifier with appropriate dehumidification capacity, which is estimated at 0.6 liters per square meter per day. If the room area is 30 square meters, we can choose a dehumidifier with about 0.6 *30=18 (liter/day) dehumidification capacity. There is no need to select extreme large dehumidifiers to avoid wasting electricity.

Installation of industrial freezer dehumidifier is also tricky. It is best to place it in the place where air is circulating, and avoid putting it in the dead corner as far as possible, because it will cause short circuit of air flow and can not reach the required dehumidification effect. In addition, the dehumidifier should be placed on a solid flat floor to avoid vibration and noise, while avoiding direct sunlight or near heating devices.

The industrial freezer dehumidifier can start to use after installation. Before the dehumidifier is running, the doors and windows should be closed first, so as to avoid damp air entering the room, affecting the dehumidification effect. If there is no need in use, we also try to reduce the number of open and close for the doors and windows. In order to maintain the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier, the air filter should be cleaned at least once every two weeks, and regular checks should be done every six months to one year. When not using for a long time, pour out all the water in the water tank, remove the dust from the filter screen, and place it in a place where sunlight cannot shine and ventilation is good. When storing, the dehumidifier must never be placed side-by-side or inverted to avoid damaging the compressor.

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