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To Solve the Problem of Moisture in Food Factories, Use Heat Pump Dehumidifier Drying of Food!

How to deal with the dampness in food factories? To solve the problem of moisture in food factories, use heat pump dehumidifier drying of food! Because of the large population base in our country, there is a large market for such consumables as food. Every day, a large number of foods are eaten by consumers in our country. Therefore, China's food processing industry has a huge consumer group, which also promotes the development of China's food industry. Food industry experts remind food manufacturers that the most critical factor is safety; only food safety is guaranteed to sell; therefore, food manufacturers need to pay attention to the humidity in the workshop when they produce; excessive humidity will affect food safety.

Moisture is also an unpopular thing in food factories because it allows bacteria to multiply everywhere, and moist foods are bacteria's favorite. After all, food is nutritious. What we love to eat, bacteria love to eat. Therefore, food production workshop must keep dry.

For food manufacturers, the two most important points are taste and safety. Only when the product reaches this point can it be recognized and loved by consumers. Therefore, the focus of food manufacturers in the processing and production process is around these two points, so air humidity is the problem that these food manufacturers have to pay attention to. Moisturized food tastes bad, but also prone to food safety problems.

Some factories will pay special attention to the problem of anti-moisture and dehumidification of workshop warehouse in the rainy season. Under the situation that the area of warehouse is getting larger and larger nowadays, how to effectively moistureproof and dehumidify warehouse is the biggest problem affecting the development of factories.

As we all know, there is a saying called "sickness comes from the mouth". Food is a necessity for people to survive. Food safety is directly related to people's health. For food production and processing enterprises, food safety problems mainly occur in the process of food production, storage and circulation. If the environmental humidity is not suitable, it will affect the quality of food and cause food obstruction and waste. The processing and storage of various foods have strict environmental temperature and humidity requirements, and inappropriate relative humidity is easy to breed fungi and other bacteria. It deteriorates the stored food, so it is very important to prevent moisture and mildew.

As we all know, for the food industry, all kinds of food are very vulnerable to the influence of moist air to infect microorganisms and bacteria, which cause mildew and deterioration of the original flavor and hygiene quality of food itself. According to the relevant food scientific research report, the relative humidity of the food industry should be less than 50%, 75% in the humid environment; more than 80% in the food industry is easy to breed bacteria, leading to food mildew.

In the process of food processing and production, if the environment is not suitable, the quality of food will be affected, resulting in food congestion and waste. Using dehumidifier to control the humidity of the environment can reduce the absorption of food humidity, prevent adhesion, caking, frosting, mildew and freezing in the process of food processing, and reduce the blockage of the machine. It can create a good environment for food transmission, cooling, freezing and drying, so as to ensure the stability of quality, save energy and improve production capacity.

Most sugars in food are soluble. It is important to maintain this characteristic, because sugar crystallization is the main defect of candy. Candy is affected by temperature, humidity, light, mold, yeast, odor of the surrounding environment and other factors. The main factor affecting quality is humidity. According to the balanced humidity of candy, the protective measures of packaging are determined. If the relative humidity of the air around the candy is greater than the balanced humidity, the candy will absorb moisture. If the humidity around the candy is less than the balanced humidity, the candy will lose moisture. Therefore, the packaging of candy is mainly moisture-proof and easy to absorb moisture products such as formula milk powder. The moisture absorption of these products in the production and processing process will affect their shelf life, while the moisture absorption in the packaging process will change the product performance.

From the above, we can know that humidity is very important for workshop production and warehouse storage in food industry, and dehumidifier plays a very important role in humidity control. Heat pump dehumidifier drying of food fundamentally solves the strict requirements of temperature and humidity in food industry.

The heat pump dehumidifier drying of food produced by Hangzhou Greeme Environmental Co., Ltd. is your best choice.

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