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Two major misunderstandings in the daily use of dehumidifiers should not be neglected

Continuous plum rain season makes people feel particularly difficult. The clothes washed can not be dried all day. If there is a dehumidifier at home, this problem can be solved. The price of the dehumidifier in home sold now is relative to the people and the volume is not easy to place. It is suitable for most households to use. Here are some problems to be noticed in the use of dehumidifier in home.

Misunderstanding 1: The dehumidifier in home we bought has arrived, so we should try to install it as soon as possible.

The newly purchased dehumidifier in home should not be used immediately. It needs to be stationary for 4 to 6 hours before starting to use. If you can ensure that there is no tilt or subversion during transportation and handling, it can be used immediately.
Workers in the handling and transportation of bumps will displace refrigerants in the compressor. If the compressor is switched on immediately, it will not work properly, or the machine can run, dehumidification efficiency will be poor, and the noise will be very large.
The dehumidifier is designed to make the refrigerant in the compressor return in place, and it can be used normally after return. If you want to move the dehumidifier in use, you must ensure that the inclination angle should not be greater than 45 degrees, so you don't have to put it in place after each move. When collecting dehumidifiers, we should also pay attention not to put the dehumidifier upside down or side down, and carefully handle to avoid collision, which hinders the next use. Generally speaking, if you buy a dehumidifier in home using a rotor compressor, it can be left alone for two or three hours, and if the dehumidifier uses a reciprocating compressor, it needs to be left alone for 12 hours.

Misunderstanding 2: This corner is good. Let's put it here.

The place of dehumidifier in home should be noticed. It should be placed in the air circulation place. Generally, the dehumidifier should be placed in the middle of the house. There should be enough space around it. Do not pile up articles. The outlet should not blow directly, and the wind should blow directly. It is not suitable for health and easy to cause colds.

1. Put it in an airy place.
Don't put it in the corner of the wall or next to the wall. Choose a wider, unshielded area around it. Put in the place where the air is not circulating, the humid air can not pass through, and the dry air can not go out, which will affect the dehumidification effect of the dehumidifier.

In order to ensure the dehumidification effect, there should be no shield on the back of the machine and the distance between the top and the back of the machine is more than 10 cm, and the shield of the outlet and the inlet models should be avoided. The dehumidifier with the function of drying clothes should also pay attention to clothes at least 50 cm away from the outlet.

2. Place it in a flat place on the ground.
When the dehumidifier is placed, the ground should be flat and the ground should be harder. Do not place the machine on soft, uneven ground to prevent sound or vibration. In order to reduce the noise, a thick cloth or cork mat can be padded on the dehumidifier floor.
At the same time, do not put the dehumidifier in the sunlight, and there is no indoor evaporation of some water objects.

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