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Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Daily Life-Use of Air Conditioning Equipment

Cold air machine

Did you know that using less air conditioner for one hour a day will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 6 kilograms a year? Buyers of High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)- EER stands for how much cooling capacity can be provided per watt of electricity per hour in kcal/h r.W or Btu/hr.W. Generally speaking, every 0.1 increase in EER can save about 4% of electricity consumption. Installed in a shady place or fitted with a sunshade- According to research, outdoor air conditioners with shade can improve the operation efficiency by 10%. Raise the temperature set by the thermometer- It's better to set the temperature at 26.28 degrees Celsius. Every 1 degree Celsius adjustment can save 6% of electricity and 5.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions a year. Auxiliary air conditioner with electric fan - increase the diffusion speed of air conditioning, so that the temperature around the room rapidly decreases.

Electric heating

Did you know that using less than one hour of heater a day will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 13.8 kg a year? Choose as much as possible, because electric heating consumes more than three times as much power as cold heating. Avoid using electric fans in heating rooms to avoid the effect of wind speed becoming colder.


Choose a dehumidifier with appropriate dehumidification capacity: estimated at 0.24 litres per square meter per day. There is no need to choose too large a dehumidifier to avoid wasting electricity. Choose a dehumidifier with dehumidification control. On the one hand, it can maintain a certain humidity in the room, on the other hand, it can save energy. The use of industrial dehumidifiers for greenhouses can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from crops.

Electric fan

With the size of the indoor area, try to choose the electric fan with timing switch. It is more suitable to use the breeze, which can not only reduce the noise caused by the strong wind, but also reduce the electricity charges, and is more beneficial to human health.

Welcome to buy Greeme industrial dehumidifiers for greenhouses.

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