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Wet and Cold in Winter and Hot in Summer? The Selection Strategy of Dehumidifier is Presented to You.

We should know these five points when choosing a dehumidifier.

1. Choose the appropriate amount of dehumidification At present, the daily dehumidification capacity of household dehumidifier is mostly between 6L and 50L. We choose the corresponding dehumidification capacity according to our own house area. The suitable area of 10L/day is about 10~20; 20L/day is about 20~30; 30L/day is about 30~40; 50L/day is about 50~70; the environment of small space, bathroom and kitchen can be equipped with 6L/day~10L/day dehumidifier; households and office places with low humidity requirements can generally be equipped with 20L/day~30L/day dehumidifier, and can take turns to ask each room. Dehumidification; if the humidity requirements are high, such as cellars, storage basements, it is necessary to equip 50 L/day or more dehumidifiers with large dehumidification capacity.

2. Choice of outlet Now the dehumidifier has the function of drying clothes. We should pay attention to the key of the air outlet of dry clothes. There are two kinds of wind: upward wind and surface wind. The upper and outlet parts of the machine can adjust the wind direction, the blowing angle can also be adjusted, and most of them have the function of fast drying clothes. Of course, the side air outlet is also beneficial. The outlet is usually arranged on the dehumidifier with large dehumidification capacity. The dehumidification efficiency is fast and the dehumidification effect is even.

3. Pay attention to noise Compressor noise is the main source of dehumidifier noise. The noise of a high quality compressor ranges from 30 to 40 decibels. Whether it is used in the living room during the day or in the evening, it can be satisfied. Whether it can bear or not, you can go offline to sell some practical experience. At present, high-quality compressors are mainly concentrated in Japanese Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi and Daijin brands, but the corresponding price is also higher.

4.Suitable tank capacity The capacity of dehumidifier water tank is generally between 2L and 8L. If the use of the environment is mainly in the bedroom and living room, it is recommended that at least 4L capacity water tank model. If it is used in a bathroom or with a floor drain, it is not necessary to consider the size of the water tank. Now the dehumidifier has the function of drainage. If you want to choose a dehumidifier for gym, you'd better choose a large capacity water tank model of about 8L.

5. Choose an intelligent dehumidifier When the budget is adequate, we suggest choosing an intelligent dehumidifier. The humidity of this model can be chosen. The dehumidifier will stop automatically when the set humidity is reached, which ensures the dehumidification efficiency and saves energy.

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