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What are the Advantages of Ceiling Dehumidifiers?

Ceiling dehumidifier is very common in our production and life today. General professional ceiling dehumidifiers are now equipped with high and low voltage protection, anti-freezing and anti-icing protection, and even current overload and other multi-directional protection configuration. Moreover, it has the functions of multiple operation of equipment and display of equipment failure, which makes the operation of ceiling dehumidifier safer and more stable than that of flat dehumidifier.

In addition to these, there are many advantages of ceiling dehumidifier:

1. Low power consumption but high efficiency

Most of the first-class ceiling dehumidifiers use high-quality heat exchangers, with the use of its efficient compressor, so the combined unit energy efficiency ratio and performance coefficient is 20-22% higher than the national standard, which is in the leading position in all kinds of dehumidifiers.

2. The mechanism is very compact and has strong applicability.

Professional ceiling dehumidifiers generally have two installation modes: seat mounting and hoisting. It can be selected according to the specific needs of users and construction needs. But no matter which way of installation, the unit structure of ceiling dehumidifier is very compact. But although sparrows are small and have all five internal organs, the ceiling dehumidifier is small in size, but its applicability is strong. The whole fuselage is very light and thin. Each part is closely assembled. It is not only easy to install, but also can ensure efficient disassembly and maintenance.

3. Good defrosting performance to ensure heating operation effect

Professional ceiling dehumidifier also has intelligent defrosting technology. It also innovates the defrosting function of outdoor machine. It is not only easy to defrost, but also quick in time, and will not affect the user's dehumidification use.

With the development of ceiling dehumidifier, the heat exchanger equipment is manufactured more carefully and the heat transfer efficiency is improved continuously. As a result, the vibration of the ceiling dehumidifier is getting smaller and smaller, the noise is getting lower and lower, the dehumidification capacity is getting larger and larger, and the failure rate is also decreasing greatly. These advantages make the service life of the ceiling dehumidifier longer and longer, and the user experience is better and better. Ceiling fresh air dehumidifier can be installed at the top of the room, thus saving indoor space and relatively less noise. Many households and enterprises that have no place to put dehumidifiers often choose ceiling fresh air dehumidifiers. Many houses will have basements, but it is also easy to cause problems when it is wet and hot, it will produce a strong mildew odor. First of all, humidity will corrode metal devices, but also lead to mildew and rot in wooden households. If people live in humid environment for a long time, it will seriously affect their health. Basement is easy to be damp, especially in rainy season, the relative humidity of basement is above 80%, and the ventilation of basement is generally poor, so the items stored in basement are very vulnerable to damp and mildew. In this way, it is necessary to use a dehumidifier to make the air humidity dry and comfortable, to dehumidify in time, to achieve the purpose, and to solve the common problems of basement.

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