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What are the effects of wet and cold air on people's health? Dehumidifier can help

In winter, many cities in the north are snowing heavily while the south is wet or cold. Humidity invades the human body, accelerates the damage of clothes and articles, and also has a great impact on life and mood. What is worse, it has a great impact on human health. If you don't know, you might as well have a look.

Influence 1: Wet and cold aggravate the burden of the body
The wet and cold weather in the south is not conducive to the recovery of the state, but the state of fear of cold and humidity also may be aggravated in winter and spring. Especially old people and children have weak resistance. In these living rooms, a dehumidifier optimized for wet and cold weather in winter and spring in the South will greatly improve the living conditions.

Influence 2: Cause clothes not dry and air not circulate
In wet and cold winter and spring, the sun sometimes is not visible for a month in southern China. In the most serious cases, clothes become wet for two months and the walls and floors become condensate. It is intolerable to dry clothes and bedclothes that cannot be exchanged. And at this time, people will unconsciously close the doors and windows, prevent wet fog into the indoor, no circulation of air, so that everything are dull.

Influence 3: Moisture-induced transmission of pathogens
When the air humidity is obviously increased and the temperature is suddenly cold and hot, it is easy to breed all kinds of bacteria and viruses. The human body will also suffer from various discomforts due to the humidity and cold. Closed air will also promote the spread of bacteria. At this time, if there is a healthy dehumidifier at home, with the decrease of air humidity, the spread of bacterial viruses will be reduced, life and mood will be significantly improved, and health will be achieved.

So what we should do in the wet and cold weather?
First of all, prevent cold and keep warm: pay attention to cold and warm, humidity of the high air, when going out, it is best to wear hats, knee protectors to keep clothes dry. Do not wear wet clothes to avoid cold and wet erosion. Secondly, do not go to crowded places in the wet and cold weather as far as possible, because densely populated areas are easy to spread breeding bacteria and viruses, avoiding infection; finally, when the weather becomes clear, seize the opportunity to appreciate sun, open windows and ventilate. Or buy a dehumidifier, open the dehumidifier in wet and cold weather, control air humidity, reduce the sense of chillness and get health.

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