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What are the Operating Steps of Dehumidifier Dryer?

With the rapid development of industry, enterprises are pursuing higher efficiency. Desiccant dryer integrates the machines of desiccant, drying and feeding. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast feeding and good drying efficiency. It meets the production requirements of enterprises, and gradually replaces the traditional hot air dryer. Desiccant dryer is mainly used for drying plastic with strong hygroscopicity. The dehumidified low dew point air is fed into one or more standard drying hoppers to improve drying efficiency and shorten drying time.

Steps of healthy dehumidification operation:

1. Determine that the dehumidifier has been installed and adjusted.
2. Turn on the power switch of the control box and the dehumidifier panel.
3. Check the temperature indication of the barrel frequently, and repair the barrel in time if the malfunction is found.
4. When the temperature rises to the specified temperature, check whether it is consistent with the temperature of the lower part.
5. Keep 8 points full at any time during barrel production.
6. The raw material can be produced only when it reaches the specified drying time.
7. When drying is finished, shut down the feeding board first, and then shut down the feeding system after extracting the raw materials below.
8. Turn off all the operation buttons on the operation interface and the total power supply.

The operation steps of the dehumidifier dryer are introduced here. In addition, Gemi reminds customers not to touch the body and avoid scalding while the dehumidifier is running. In order to prolong the service life of the equipment, regular maintenance should also be carried out.

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