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What Are the Ways to Prolong the Service Life of Humidifier for Industrial Use?

The humidifier for industrial use refers to the humidifier system specially used in industrial field and central air conditioning. Different from the civil humidifier, the humidity can be controlled automatically because of its large humidification capacity. In addition, different large-scale humidifier for industrial use systems can be adopted according to the site. The humidifier for industrial use can be divided into central air conditioner humidifier and commercial humidifier.

Application areas: The applications of humidifier for industrial use include textile industry, paper industry, computer room, electronic industry, mobile phone battery industry, spraying industry, plastic industry, powder industry, printing industry, laboratory, tobacco industry, HVAC industry, preservation and storage, food industry, planting industry, aquaculture industry, artificial landscape, etc.

Cautions in use:
1. The first use should be placed at room temperature for half an hour before starting.
2. Use ambient temperature below 10-40 degrees;
3. Use clean water with temperature below 40 degrees.
4. Keep away from other household appliances when the machine works.
5. Do not add non-professional production lines or supervised additives to the water.
6. Do not place the humidifier on an empty object to avoid common-frequency resonance noise.
7. Do not turn on without water.
8. Do not wet tap water containing stains, spoils, oil stains, acidity and alkalinity into the humidifier. Always keep the surface of the energy exchanger clean and sanitary.
9. The atomization module and the inner wall of the water tank in the humidifier should be cleaned regularly, usually once every 2-3 months.
10. When the humidifier system is not used for a long time, the excess water in the water tank should be discharged to prevent the water from soaking in the atomization module for a long time, so as to accelerate the aging speed and affect the service life of the humidifier.
11. When using this machine for a long time, if the problem can not be solved by the above steps, please replace the energy exchanger or atomization module.
12. Because a series of factors, such as the size of articles, the number of machines, air intake, exhaust, temperature and so on, will affect the indoor humidity, it is suggested that the humidification amount should be increased appropriately according to the situation when selecting the type.

Maintenance: Water quality is a very important factor to determine the service life of equipment. When the water quality hardness is high, there will be scales inside the equipment. Scales themselves will affect the atomization quantity of equipment, and also cause adverse heat dissipation of atomizer components themselves, which will increase the water temperature and the temperature of atomizer components themselves, and affect the stability of power supply. Serious scales will cause damage to atomizer components or damage to the power supply part of equipment.  Therefore, after using your equipment for a period of time, you need to clean the nebulizer components and the inner wall of the box, remove the scale formed by long-term work. The cleaning cycle varies according to the quality of the water used. Generally, it is used continuously for several months and needs to be checked and cleaned once.

Before cleaning the equipment, the power supply should be disconnected, the water supply interface should be disconnected, the water discharge switch should be opened, and the water should be cleaned. The weak acidic solution (e.g. water tank detergent, toilet cleaner, etc.) should be taken to wipe the surface of atomizer and atomizer with soft fabric. The cleanliness level should be based on no scale. After cleaning, the acid cleaning solution should be cleaned repeatedly with clean water to avoid corrosion of the acidic cleaning solution. When wiping the surface of atomizing sheet, do not use too much force to avoid atomizing sheet breaking.

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