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What Aspects should be Determined in the Design of Dehumidifier for Food Cold Storage

Food cold storage can be widely used in food factories, dairy factories, fruit and vegetable warehouses, egg warehouses, hotels, supermarkets, troops and so on. The disposition scheme of dehumidifier in food cold storage is a design based on the humidity requirement of stored goods, and it is a key link in the construction of cold storage. The following expert Gemi will tell you about a food cold storage dehumidification program design needs to determine which aspects.

Definition of design scheme of dehumidifier for cold storage I: Basis

1. The nature of cold storage;
2. Scale of cold storage and investment quota;
3. Processing technology requirements of food stored in cold storage;
4. Water quality, temperature and quantity of cooling water;
5. Requirements of environment and indoor air temperature and humidity for refrigeration devices in cold storage;

Definition of design scheme of dehumidifier for cold storage II: Principles

1. To meet the temperature and humidity technological requirements of food cold processing, ensure quality and reduce dry consumption.
2. The dehumidification system should adopt new machines, new equipment, new technology and new technology as far as possible, and the automatic control scheme should be given priority.
3. The dehumidification system should be as simple as possible, reliable in operation and convenient in operation and management, as well as with safety assurance.
4. Cost indicators should be reduced, initial and operational costs should be compared comprehensively, and the trend of technological and economic development should be taken into account. In a word, we should make sure that the dehumidifier scheme is safe, reliable, convenient, flexible, advanced in technology and low in economic cost.

Definition of design scheme of dehumidifier for cold storage 3: Contents

1. Determination of refrigerant type and condenser type of dehumidifier
2. Determination of compressor series and compressor type in dehumidifier system
3. The determination of dehumidification cooling mode
4. The determination of the liquid supply mode of the dehumidifier cooling system
5. Definition of cooling equipment and defrosting mode of dehumidifier

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