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What is Non-standard Industrial Dehumidifier

Everyone knows about industrial dehumidifiers. People who know about them must also know about non-standard dehumidifiers. They know about non-standard dehumidifiers, but they don't necessarily understand why they are called non-standard dehumidifiers. Since non-standard dehumidifiers are non-standard, will anyone buy them? In fact, this non-standard is not the other non-standard. If other goods are non-standard, they will definitely be returned to the factory or off the shelf. But for non-standard industrial dehumidifiers, there is no problem, because they are made according to the user's requirements. The custom dehumidifier is a dehumidifier suitable for some special scenarios. Next, Matsui will tell everyone that there are non-standard dehumidifiers.

1.High-temperature dehumidifier. The dehumidifier generally works under the condition that the temperature is not higher than 38 degrees. Because when the temperature is higher than 38 degrees, the compressor will be over-protected, thus reducing the efficiency of dehumidification. However, a high-temperature dehumidifier can also dehumidify under high-temperature conditions. The compressor will not be protected at a high temperature of 55-65 degrees. They are usually used in the drying room.

2.Anticorrosive dehumidifier. In some chemical plants, the frequent use of chemicals results in higher acidity and alkalinity in the air. It is well known that acid and alkali are corrosive, and standard dehumidifier can not dehumidify in this environment. Forced use may have corroded the internal parts of the dehumidifier that could have been used for seven or eight years into five or six months. The shell and internal parts of the anti-corrosion dehumidifier have been treated with anti-corrosion so that the service life can be increased.

3.Explosion-proof dehumidifier. Usually, in the use of electrical appliances, there will be sparks. Although sparks are small, they are still powerful. We often see news reports of fires caused by electric sparks caused by aging or short circuit of household appliances or lines. Especially in some environments where fireworks are prohibited, electric sparks pose a great threat, such as fireworks depots, oil and gas depots, workshops for volatile chemicals and cotton warehouses. There is no spark in these places. Therefore, in the environment of inflammable and explosive gas, dust, chemical, and biological products, it is more necessary to install explosion-proof equipment to eliminate the potential safety hazards caused by an electric spark when using a dehumidifier.

4. Temperature-regulated dehumidifier. The temperature-adjusting dehumidifier has two kinds: cooling dehumidifier and heating dehumidifier. Cooling dehumidifier as literally said, dehumidifying while lowering the temperature, a heating dehumidifier is an opposite. In summer, cooling and dehumidification are commonly used. In winter, there are more warming and dehumidifying machines. At present, the refrigeration room dehumidifier also needs to be used in more than 18 degrees in order to achieve the dehumidifier effect. In winter, the general temperature is relatively low, easy to cause compressor frost. Whenever the compressor in the dehumidifier frosts, the effect will be very poor. Therefore, the heating system is installed, first, the temperature is raised to reach the temperature, then the dehumidification is carried out.

Our company provides custom dehumidifier service. Welcome to choose and customize your dehumidifier.

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