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What Kind of Temperature And Humidity can Protect the Wine?

When storing wine, I believe many people have encountered such a problem: What kind of temperature and humidity should my wine be stored in? Normally, 12-14 ° C (53-57 ° F) is the best storage temperature. But if you plan to drink it in the next few years, you can also control the temperature of the wine storage at 17-18 ° C (about 60 degrees Fahrenheit). This will not have a big impact on the quality of the wine. However, it is important to note that if your wine needs to be stored for decades. It is best to keep the temperature of the wine at a constant temperature of 12.8 ° C (55 ° F), because wines that are placed at high temperatures for extended periods of time can cause the wine to be "cooked" and taste dull.

At the same time, it should be noted that the temperature of the wine storage should not be too low. If the storage temperature is below 7 °C, the wine will also be destroyed. Too low a temperature will make the air in the wine cellar very dry. Under such circumstances, the oak plug will shrink and the wine in the bottle will be oxidized.

First, an accurate thermometer is needed in the cellar to ensure that the cellar is kept at a constant temperature. Maintaining a constant temperature is the most important issue in the wine storage process. Once the temperature of the wine storage fluctuates above 5 °C or above 5 °C, the oak plug will shrink, causing the wine to oxidize and leak.

However, the cooling device in the wine cellar makes the wine cellar extremely dry, so you need to install a wine cellar humidifier in the cellar to keep the oak plug moist. Remember to choose a humidifier that accurately measures humidity. Some inaccurate humidifiers can cause the room to be too humid. If it is serious, it will cause the wine label to fall off.

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