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What to Notice When Choosing Basement Dehumidifiers

With the increasing population of cities, many developers have paid attention to the underground space, such as underground parking lot, underground shopping mall, underground pedestrian street and so on. The basement not only exists under the buildings, but also under many villas. It is convenient to put sundry things or store some things in it. You even can make it a special space you like. Although the basement has many functions, there are great drawbacks. For example, it will become dark and humid if we do not get enough light all the year round. If we think this problem is not too big, we will eventually suffer a great loss. A small leak can sink a large ship. The damp problem will not be seen in a short time, but may eventually become a disaster in a long time.

Therefore, in order to avoid damp hazards, basement should be damp-proof treated and dehumidified. Damp air not only makes people feel uncomfortable, but also corrodes the wall, let alone for some basement and underground shopping mall used to store things. Things will soon become moldy and spoiled. So next the basement dehumidifier will be introduced in detail.

The basement of villa is usually used for life or hobbies, the area of which is not very large. If it is used as storage or wine cellar, some small basement dehumidifiers can be selected to achieve moisture-proof effect. This kind of dehumidifier not only has fashionable appearance, intelligent silence, but also has a high performance-price ratio. As long as the dehumidifier effect reaches a certain degree, you can rest assured to use the basement. Of course, if you feel that the room on the ground is also very humid, you can choose fresh air dehumidifier, which is more in line with the living environment.

If it is a basement used as warehouse or storage room, you can choose some more precise basement dehumidifier to dehumidify. Because the warehouse is mostly used to store some products or raw materials which depend more on the environment, you can choose some dehumidifiers according to the area and use. For some large underground parking lots and underground shopping malls, because the area is larger, the corresponding dehumidifying capacity should be large. So some industrial dehumidifiers can be selected to dehumidify. Such dehumidifiers are much higher than household dehumidifiers in both performance and air volume.

Above is how to choose the dehumidifier for different types of scenarios. Of course, the description may be a little bit general. You can contact the salesman to match more reasonable scheme in specific conditions. Of course, there are some details that can be negotiated, such as drainage. You can choose direct drainage or water tank according to the conditions of use to.

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