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Working Principle of Gemi Swimming Pool Dehumidification

According to the relevant standards and norms of sports buildings and swimming pools, indoor air humidity in swimming pools should be constant (60-70)%, air temperature is 2 ℃ higher than water temperature, the maximum is not more than 30 ℃. The indoor of swimming pool is always in the high temperature and humidity environment, so we should pay attention to the occurrence of condensation.

In addition, the regulations also require fresh air volume of 20-30 m3/h per person, which is less than 10% of the unit's return air volume. The return air volume of desiccant heat pump unit should be selected between 4 and 6 times of air change. The first heating time of competition and special swimming pools should be 24h-48h. The initial filling time should not exceed 48 hours. The recreational swimming pool should not be filled with water for more than 72 hours for the first time. In addition, water treatment in swimming pool contains chlorine in any way, so the concentration of chlorine should be controlled by ventilation of swimming pool dehumidificaion , and anticorrosive treatment should be done well.

There are many dehumidification modes of swimming pool dehumidification:

1.Refrigeration mode. Based on the principle of heat pump technology, the refrigerant of low temperature and low-pressure gas is transformed into the refrigerant of high pressure and high-temperature gas through a compressor. The high temperature and high-pressure gas passes through the outdoor condenser of the dehumidifier unit and condenses into a high-pressure liquid refrigerant. It is also throttled into a low temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant by throttling element expansion valve and so on. The liquid refrigerant of low temperature and low pressure is then gasified into a low temperature and low-pressure vapor through the evaporator (refrigeration dehumidification section) and returned to the compressor, thus completing a refrigeration cycle.

2.Ventilation mode. When the state parameters of outdoor air meet the requirements of indoor air in the transitional season (spring and autumn), we can directly operate the fresh air mode. At this time, only the return air fan and the supply air fan of the dehumidifier unit can meet the requirements. Thus, its energy saving is obvious. When the fresh air is running, the fresh air valve opens, the exhaust valve opens and the bypass valve opens. At this time, outdoor fresh air is sent to the indoor through the air supply duct by the air supply fan, while indoor (warm) wet air is discharged to the outdoor by the air return fan through the exhaust duct, thus forming a completely fresh air operation mode.

The swimming pool dehumidification in Hangzhou Gemi Environment is rich in models. It is suitable for all kinds of large indoor places and helps to improve the humidity of indoor space. We can provide a complete humidity control scheme according to your specific conditions of use.

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