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Working Principle of Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

The fan of the equipment pumps warm and humid air from the swimming pool room. The air flows through the coil of the evaporator (swimming pool dehumidifier). While refrigerating and dehumidifying, the recovered heat energy generated by the evaporation of the pool water is transferred to the cold liquid refrigerant. This energy exchange reduces the air temperature below dew point and forms condensation on the evaporator coil. The water formed flows into the liquid-carrying pan of the equipment and is discharged through the drain pipe. The wet air is transformed into dry cold air. After the liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporator, the recovered air heat energy becomes a low temperature and low pressure gas refrigerant. The cryogenic gaseous refrigerant then enters the compressor and is compressed into a high temperature gaseous state. The high temperature gaseous refrigerant flows through the air-cooled condenser of the main engine or the auxiliary heating condenser of the pool water heat pump or the outdoor condenser. At this time, the high temperature gaseous refrigerant changes from gaseous to liquid, releasing the recovered heat, heating the indoor air temperature or pool water temperature.

When the indoor air needs to be heated, the air-cooled condenser of the main engine works, and the dry hot air is sent out to heat the indoor air. If the indoor air temperature reaches the requirement, the recycled condensation heat is heated to the pool water, and the main engine sends dry cold air to refrigerate the indoor air. If both indoor air temperature and pool water temperature meet the requirements, the recovered condensation heat is discharged into the outdoor atmosphere through an outdoor condenser. High temperature gaseous refrigerant flows through the condenser and condenses into a warm liquid, releasing condensation heat. When the indoor air temperature exceeds the required upper limit, the main engine air-cooled condenser stops working and sends out cold air through the dehumidification evaporator to cool the indoor air. Therefore, the three-in-one dehumidification heat pump has the functions of dehumidification, air conditioning and refrigeration, indoor air heating, fresh air handling and pool water heat pump auxiliary heating.

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