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Super Markets

Super Markets

Supermarket Dehumidifiers

Why you need Supermarket dehumidifiers and humidifiers?

The humidity system for Supermarket needs to be designed according to its configurations. It is much more complex because one supermarket contains different stores, large system of refrigeration, air conditioning and a large flow of customers. The moisture mainly comes from the fresh air which is needed to neutralize the inner space due to the large flow of customers' movement. However, the high density of humidity will lead to varies degrees of fog or hoar in the stores. To keep refrigeration operation, prevent the mold and mildew issues and make customers and employees feel comfortable, the incoming air should be dehumidified at relative level. 

In some cases, as we all know, to keep the freshness of the vegetables and fruits, supermarkets also equipped with humidifiers to realize this.

Greeme's supermarket dehumidifiers

Greeme has extensive experience to ensure your indoor air quality. Our commercial dehumidifier will protect the latent load to make sure the cooling effect.

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